Reverse Engineers (M/F)

Lisboa , Portugal

NBCC CONSULTING is Recruiting Mobile Security Professionals for One of the FORTUNE 500 Companies Focused on IT in Portugal.


Join our fast-growing IT consulting team.


- 1-3 years of experience in Application Security;

- Experience with Android (OS and apps), Java;

- Analyze Android apps (APK), including binaries;

- Identify mobile threats and classify them;

- Reverse Engineering of malicious binaries;

- Understanding malicious applications and SDKs by analyzing, unpacking and reverse engineering software that compromises Android devices;

- Utilizing tools such as JEB, Frida, IDA Pro and OllyDbg to help decide if binaries are maliciou sor not;

- Understanding techniques used by malicious software to tamper with user machines and making their removal harder;

- Developing techniques to extract features and clustering malicious software by origin and family;

- Writing reports to document findings, performing data analysis and creating detection routines for diferente internal pipelines;

- Experience of Reverse Engineering on Android application Packages (APKs);

- Malware analysis experience with swift detection techniques of analyzingmalicious binaries;

- Good to have understanding or experience of PHA (Potentially Harmful applications) classification on androidplatform;

- 1-3years of relevant work experience including experience Reverse Engineering and code-level security auditing, as well as experience handling obfuscated code;

- Assembly language experience;

- Experience in analyzing malicious APKs;

- Experience with static and dynamic analysis of malicious binaries;

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;

- Strong self-motivation and orientation toward results;

-General ability to solve complicated problems;

- Strong exposure to popular application security standards including OWASP TOP10, OWASP Enterprise Security API (ESAPI) framework, SANS TOP25, WASC;

- Experience on Reverse Engineering tools around APKs, Mobile Security, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Malicious code detection, APK Decompile & Debug (IDA, OllyDbg), Android platform experience.


- Integration into a fast-growing company for several years;

- Work contract without term;

- Salary package compatible with the function and experience shown;

- Health insurance;

- Continuing training;

- Professional development.